Supply Chain Management Solutions

Supply Chain Management Solutions by GT Nexus

Leveraging our unique multi-enterprise, multi-tenant cloud platform, we deliver a completely integrated physical and financial supply chain management solution to work in conjunction with the multitude of ERP, WMS, and TMS internal-focused systems already deployed. Our solutions are multi-modal, and designed to control both in-bound and out-bound transportation flows.


  • Improves supply chain performance
  • Uses insights to reduce supply chain costs
  • Creates a lean supply chain by managing and controlling in-transit inventory
  • Increases cross-dock/flow-through by proactive allocation of in-transit inventory
  • Identifies and eliminates delays before they become problems, reducing variability
  • Improves product profitability by identifying and eliminating wasteful processes
  • Improves margins through postponed finished goods decisions
  • Improves on-time delivery rates and in-stocks as suppliers are better positioned to meet demand
  • Allows faster reaction to demand and capacity changes
  • Lowers cost of goods sold through collaborative issuance of capacity projections and commitments
  • Improves forecast planning accuracy
  • Improves use of excess inventory
  • Lowers processing costs from automation
  • Increases product margins from better supplier performance
  • Improves cash management through accelerated chargeback recovery, reduced FOB and duty costs, and invoice discounting, and automated first sale transactions reducing costs
  • Reduce AP cycle times and costs by enabling straight through processing
  • Provides payment confidence and visibility to suppliers
  • Enhances buyer and supplier supply chain working capital
  • Improves order fulfillment execution
  • Lowers cost of goods sold
  • Improves supplier relationships