GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution

GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution by GPS Insight

GPS Insight has more in-depth features and functionality than any competitor. We offer over 40 customizable reports and more than 10 alerts and a solution that is tailored to you. This leads to more insightful and actionable fleet information that will assist you in taking full control of your fleet. With other vendors, you only get what comes “out of the box.” Other solutions may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for.


  • Reduce Fuel Costs and Consumption
    GPS fleet tracking reduces fuel costs and consumption by taking full control of wasteful idling, speeding, unauthorized usage, and fuel card fraud.

  • Improve Fleet-wide Productivity
    Know where your drivers are and what they are doing at all times to maximize output.

  • Green Your Fleet
    Minimize your carbon footprint by tracking your fuel consumption, maintenance, and CO2 emissions.

  • Extend Vehicle and Asset Lifecycles
    Stay up to date on maintenance so that you get more run-time out of your vehicles and assets.

  • Bill Your Customers More Precisely
    GPS fleet tracking allows you to determine and prove the exact amount of time to bill customers.

  • Quicker Response Times
    Dispatch the most appropriate driver every time to get your team to your customers quickly.

  • Enhanced Customer Service
    Respond quicker to customer emergencies, serve more customers, and verify job completion.

  • Receive Insurance Discounts
    Save up to 15% on your insurance premiums by installing GPS tracking devices for your fleet.

  • Ensure Quick Theft Recovery
    GPS Insight will help you identify vehicle and asset theft as it happens so that you can report its location to authorities.

  • Location Access From Anywhere
    Manage and communicate with your fleet from any mobile device so that you are always on top of what's happening.

  • Customize Your GPS Fleet Tracking Data
    Receive the information you want, when you want it, the way you want to see it.