GoodData BI Software
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GoodData BI Software by GoodData Corporation

GoodData interactive dashboards promote visual data discovery, exploration, and collaboration by everyone on your team, so they capitalize on critical business insights right away. GoodData helps you design a great looking experience from any data, and the responsive mobile friendly user interface means it is optimized across modern devices and platforms.


  • Unmatched experience in embedded analytics for SaaS solutions GoodData makes for great products. Powered By GoodData gives you the tools, expertise and support you need to easily add customized business analytics capabilities to your solution-- generating value and revenue fast. 
  • Solutions for every role, function and industry Whether you’re in marketing, tech, retail, travel, communications, or something else--GoodData has your back. With deep vertical expertise, and an end-to-end business intelligence platform supporting the most data sources, we’ve never met a company we can’t help. 
  • Analytics as unique as your business In the fight for competitive advantage, you don’t need a BI vendor, you need an analytics ally. With the skills and expertise to design a solution custom fit to your unique needs, we’ve got what it takes to help you reach BI nirvana.