GnosisConnect LMS

GnosisConnect LMS by InfoPro Learning

  • GnosisConnect allows you to access multiple types of learning modalities from a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Access E-Learning, Video, Simulation, Webpage, PDF, Document, Slide Deck, Podcast, and Webinar anytime and anywhere and through any device!
  • GnosisConnect brings you the advantage of cloud technology by allowing you to host unlimited courses and distribute your learning to unlimited users!
  • With GnosisConnect you can upload, delete, and assign courses; set pass criteria, certificates, deadline for completion and much more!
  • With GnosisConnect, you can provide optimal coaching through our digital tools.
  • You can evaluate learner progress and provide tips, hints, more information, references, and candid feedback using our inbuilt messaging features!
  • Measurement and Analytics are key components of GnosisConnect.
  • With GnosisConnect, you can not only track learner progress but also analyze and generate reports as per your needs.


  • Simple and Intuitive ASTONISHINGLY POWERFUL. INCREDIBLY SIMPLE. - Intuitive user experience designed to maximize adoption and ease of use from an administrative and end-user point-of-view.
  • Mobile Ready ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE - Access your learning on PCs, Tablets, and Smart Devices.
  • Learner Centric DESIGNED TO ELEVATE LEARNING. - Designed by the experts who understand how people learn better than anyone else and have poured this knowledge into the product.
  • Increase Adoption LEVERAGE GNOSIS LMS' CLOUD AND MOBILE. - Mobile-ready capabilities to provide your learners 24/7 access to training programs anytime, anywhere and on any device!