Glocent by Glocent

Glocent was developed to offer an alternative to the generic, less flexible and out-dated solutions promoted by the majority of the software vendors purporting to provide modern-day compensation management applications.  It also provides a cost-effective alternative to the expensive, unpredictable and difficult to maintain custom solutions commonly built by large software development houses. By leveraging decades of experience in software development and incentive management consulting, Glocent set out to build a packaged application that would accommodate the most complex product offerings, incentive plans and sales structures without the uncertainty inherent in custom solutions, while still providing the flexibility necessary to meet the dynamic nature of modern competition.


  • An application that requires no software modifications during implementation or subsequent to installation.
  • A user interface that eliminates dependence on the IT department for modifications.
  • A consistent, and often immediate, Return on Investment.
  • A solution supported by a track record of success and satisfied customers.