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Global Shop Solutions by Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions has simplified manufacturing for businesses around the world with their One-System ERP™ Software. This fully-integrated manufacturing ERP package was developed to help boost growth and allow manufacturers to increase the overall visibility within their business. The system provides real-time inventory accuracy, improves on-time delivery, and helps lower administrative costs.


Global Shop Solutions One-System™ ERP software system offers all the applications you need to run a leaner, more efficient manufacturing operation. From CRM, inventory management and agile project management, to job costing, scheduling, tracking and efficient quality management, every application you need is right at your fingertips.
Each software application is designed and engineered by our team to give manufacturers control over every factor affecting their cost of goods. We make it simpler to see how each area of your business is affecting the big picture. Our seamless integration with CAD and other engineering programs allows data to flow into your ERP software from the initial stages of a project all the way to delivery.

Various deployment options are available such as Cloud/Saas/Web, installed on Windows, and mobile deployment for Android Native and iOS Native.