GEP Suite 5.0

GEP Suite 5.0 by GEP

Intelligent, intuitive procurement software from GEP is helping procurement teams worldwide boost productivity, eliminate processing snarls, slash turnaround times and save money. Cloud-based GEP Suite 5.0 is a comprehensive eProcurement platform that automates and streamlines key procurement and purchasing-related work processes.


  • Type or Swipe on the Go
    Optimized for mobile computing, SMART by GEP is the first and only comprehensive sourcing and procurement platform native to cloud, mobile and touch technologies

  • All Functionality in one Unified Platform
    Fluid work and information flow on one complete sourcing and procurement platform – including spend analysis, savings tracking, sourcing, contract and supplier management and purchasing

  • Rich Knowledge Base
    An extensive selection of field-tested, ready-to-use work and process flows, templates, tools, checklists and scorecards (includes innovations such category workbenches and three-click RFPs)