Genesys Customer Interaction Management

Genesys Customer Interaction Management by Genesys Telecommunications

The Genesys Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Platform is the core of the Genesys solution suite. It provides a single environment for designing, deploying, and managing real-time customer interactions. Genesys CIM allows companies to virtualize their resources regardless of the deployment model — on premise, in a cloud environment, or in a hybrid model. It’s easy to route interactions to a person regardless of their physical location. 


  • Provides a unified platform and a single queue for handling customer interactions from any channel — voice, video, IP telephony, e-mail, chat, SMS, Web, mobile, work item, and self-service.
  • Enables advanced routing of every customer interaction via a universal routing engine.
  • Allows you to achieve business goals related to the customer’s experience — cutting costs, meeting SLAs, and optimizing the experience of high value customers.
  • Orchestrates the resources of the company, including customer data and context, to provide a consistent customer experience across all touch points, while minimizing costs.
  • Centralizes development and administration of customer workflow to simplify management of all interactions.
  • Provides an open, standards-based solution that can access data from legacy data systems and current databases with SOA across the enterprise.
  • Supports a comprehensive application programming interface and software development kits (API/SDK), enabling a rich ecosystem of third- party applications.
  • Leverages existing TDM, IP, cloud- based, and hybrid contact center infrastructure to enable seamless migration to newer solutions.