Gen 2.0 Outsourcing

Gen 2.0 Outsourcing by HCL Technologies

Economic turbulence has forced CIOs & CTOs across the world to redefine their priorities & business objectives. Some of them include deriving maximum value from the existing IT investments, moving beyond incident management and leveraging technology to create new products & business models. At HCL, we have a 'Thinking-IT' framework.


  • IT Transformation
    Re-engineering business processes or service architectures

  • Technology Transformation
    Disruptive innovation by radically changing the way products and services are developed and delivered

  • Operations Transformation
    By significantly increasing the value derived from current IT investments and by enabling a real time and integrated transaction monitoring - resulting in high performance through a new form of operating various business elements

  • Business Transformation
    Through high focus on domain trends, needs and solutions