FUND E-Z Accounting Solution

FUND E-Z Accounting Solution by FUND E-Z Development Corporation

For 20 years… the best value in fund accounting software. Nonprofits use FUND E-Z to create and track budgets for multiple funds, programs, projects, grants, funding sources, and departments. FUND E-Z is fiscal year independent, with custom report creation capabilities. Nonprofits can properly demonstrate accountability across the board, with fundraising integration, and satisfaction of cost reporting requirements.


  • Your data is under control with FUND E-Z’s simple interface. Sort, filter, print, export and email data in seconds. Drill into reports for instant data access. You can also copy, merge and memorize data. 
  • Easy-to-use menus display items in an organized, modular fashion. Users can customize their own quick access toolbar with commonly used items. A tabbed activity region provides one-click-access to screens already visited. 
  • Grant user rights by function, and hide sensitive account information with segment security. Set group rights for group members to inherit.