FraudMAP Online

FraudMAP Online by Guardian Analytics

Financial Institutions of all sizes use FraudMAP Online to proactively identify account takeover and prevent fraudulent transactions before the money is gone. As the industry's most advanced anomaly detection solution, it delivers sophisticated online fraud detection capabilities plus easy to use investigation and forensics tools. 


  • Catch What Other Solutions Miss: Rather than look for specific malware or fraud indicators, which are too numerous and changing too rapidly for institutions to keep up, FraudMAP Online uses behavioral analytics to compare individual online activity with known legitimate account holder behavior to determine if this behavior during this session is legitimate or suspicious. No rules to write. No algorithms to train.

  • Protect Against The Widest Array of Threats: By monitoring for deviations from expected online account holder behavior, FraudMAP Online detects the widest array of fraud attacks including the most sophisticated forms of Man-In-the-Browser.

  • Conform to FFIEC Guidance: In its June 2011 Guidance Supplement, the FFIEC identifies anomaly detection as a minimum expectation for improved online banking security.

  • Expand online banking services with confidence - Improve customer service and competitive differentiators by offering the capabilities your clients want without increasing the risk of online banking fraud.

  • Speed Investigation and Forensic Analysis: Fraud is not a singular event but takes place over a period of time. When the cumulative risk score across multiple sessions reaches a critical threshold, FraudMAP Online alerts your fraud analysts who can then use the intuitive, visual interface to investigate every detail leading up to and including the high-risk online session in order to determine the best course of action, such as contacting the account holder or placing the account on hold.