FraudBreaker by Conectys

Conectys’ FraudBreaker is web based fraud detection software that captures your transaction data and performs real time checks on a wide range of risk factors. The results of these checks are instantly sent back to you with a risk score that allows you to disposition the transaction as safe (immediate confirmation of the transaction), escalate (needs manual review) or unsafe (rejection of the transaction).


  • Assign weight factors to all the risk elements you configure FraudBreaker to check. FraudBreaker then measures and correlates all individual risk scores and calculates the overall risk factor on your transactions.
  • Set up rules that allow you to correlate fraud elements with AND-OR-NOT logic
  • Set up accept/reject/manual review thresholds
  • Configure and blacklists whitelists
  • Reporting: get detailed reports and statistics, optionally download data as a spreadsheet for custom analysis.