Focus EduVation

Focus EduVation by Focus EduVation Inc.

At Focus Ed, we practice open, two-way communication for the ultimate success of our clients. From building the project’s initial wireframe to delivering the finished product, we remain transparent and accessible to not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. For every e-Learning project, Focus Ed sets milestones, maps content design, and generates visual landscapes that can be viewed on a dashboard. With Focus Ed, you can trust that your e-Learning systems will be delivered on point, on time, and on budget.


  • Analysis 
    Each project starts with a comprehensive analysis of the client expectation along with discussions on the scope and sequence of project execution.

  • Design 
    At the design stage, we start with a general outline. This helps us in defining a structure and also enables our User Interface and User Experience teams to collaborate and discuss various design elements that would best fit the need for establishing a fairly robust User Centered Design model of content navigation and layout in each frame.

  • Develop 
    After the teams have established a design structure that meets the client expectation, the development team starts developing the storyboards and transcripts for each module. Storyboards are developed under the guidance and strict control of the Instructional Designers.

  • Review 
    Prior to handing over any client deliverable, the QA team ensures that the content meets the required quality standards. The Internal quality audit focuses on technical and editorial checks that include bias reviews as well. The goal is to ensure alignment to prescribed standards, overall adherence to style sheet and prescribed guidelines and consistency of content layout.

  • Deploy
    The project point of contact also ensures that the deliverables are handed over to the client at the appropriate point in time. Any change in schedule is promptly communicated to the client and changes are mutually signed off