FleetWave / RoadBASE

FleetWave / RoadBASE by Chevin Fleet Solutions

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a leading provider of fleet management software and the first company in the world to offer web-based fleet management systems, FleetWave, back in 2001. A pioneer of tackling fleet inefficiencies through the use of fleet software, Chevin has been helping organizations across the globe, of all sizes and fleet complexities, streamline processes, improve performance and reduce cost for over two decades.


  • FleetWave® 
    Web-Based Enterprise Fleet Management Solution utilising the very latest technologies

  • RoadBASE® 
    Windows-based Fleet Management Software is the most flexible and adaptable available

  • Installation Management 
    Each installation from ’concept’ to ’go live’ will be assigned a project manager

  • Get In Touch 
    Get in touch and find out how we can help you manage your fleet more effectively