FleetMatics GPS Tracking

FleetMatics GPS Tracking by Fleetmatics

Our passion is helping business owners find new ways to grow, to get more done every day, and to delight their customers with better service. With our innovative vehicle tracking solutions, you can have a more complete picture of what happens in the field and use that knowledge to improve business. We transform the complex and ever growing mounds of data and paper your business creates every day into simple, easy-to-understand information so you have the knowledge and confidence to make the right decision, right now.


    With years of experience solving the problems of the largest fleets, we understand what makes an enterprise solution fundamentally different. That’s why we built Fleetmatics REVEAL+ from the ground up with the scalability, security and flexibility requirements of larger fleets in mind. 

    Anyone can collect GPS data. Fleetmatics REVEAL+ gives you the ability to view data in a meaningful way, organized how your fleet is structured. We've tested and refined our solution by working hand-in-hand with the most demanding fleets in the industry. 

    ROI only happens when the right people get the right information needed to manage their drivers' behavior. Our solution is uniquely architected to get driver-specific information to the people in your organization who can affect change.