Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software
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Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software by High Point GPS

High Point GPS is a web-based solution designed to help companies coordinate and track their fleet of vehicles in real-time.

Each vehicle is installed with a tracking device with a constant satellite and cellular connection that sends location updates to the online application, providing real-time locations. Through the systems Route Manager, users can view assets on a map and differentiate between vehicles by color, type & custom labeling to indicate usage type.

Through their dispatching feature, dispatchers can find an address, locate the closest vehicle to a stop, and dispatch the stop to the driver, which will simultaneously appear on the driver’s device. Communication between drivers and dispatch can be managed with the two-way messaging feature from the web application directly to a driver’s device, rather than SMS messaging. Drivers can access this interactive dispatch feature via mobile, tablet, and select Garmin devices; it also provides directions with truck routing to prevent them from getting lost.


With fleet tracking:
  • Always know where your vehicles are, no calling around to drivers
  • Add more jobs due to improved dispatching 
  • Reduce human error with automated time sheets 
  • Get reports emailed daily or weekly automatically