FF Billing Manager

FF Billing Manager by M & R Technologies

Easy to use, FREE to try and pricing as low as $69. All of the features, proven performance, confidence and support you require to run your business. View our inventory and invoice product feature comparison chart. Our software is multi-year-award-winning, World-Class software. 


  • Provides manual, automatic and 9 batch price-changing levels. Allows seasonal or other "batch" price changes. 
  • Automatically calculate sale prices from list or cost, specify a fixed cost and over-ride prices at the invoice/PO level! 
  • Supports automatic and manual product receivers. Receivers verify the receipt of product, but are optional. 
  • Provides a Pick List. For larger storage locations, Pick Lists show which invoice items need to be pulled from stock, sorted by storage location. 
  • Features stock reorder, overstock and target level watches. Define your products stock-level preferences and monitor their status!