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Exago BI by Exago Inc

Exago BI is a 100% web-based, seamlessly embedded business intelligence solution expressly designed to meet the needs of software companies operating in multi-tenant environments. With no need for plugins or desktop downloads, Exago BI enables end users to easily create their own ad hoc reports, dashboards, and business analytics directly within the host application. Its single sign-on system inherits the host application’s authentication protocols, maintaining preexisting security features. Exago BI’s architecture and open API allow for advanced customization, extensions, and scaling, helping the host application achieve its desired user experience, performance, and growth.


Advanced Features: Exago BI provides advanced features such as interactive data visualizations, geo-maps, drilldowns, user-defined formulas, and data merging into predefined “pixel perfect” PDF, RTF and Excel templates. 

User-Friendly Report Creation: The ExpressView report designer makes ad hoc report creation simple for non-technical business users. Its drag-and-drop interface can show live data and reflect report changes in an instant. Advanced Reports give users access to additional functionality.

Customization and Extensibility: Developers can modify virtually any element of the UI by accessing the application’s CSS and API. They may also code new mathematical functions and even inject their own processes into the application’s running state using Server and Action Events. 

Multi-Tenant Security: The application supports database-, object-, and row-level security, ensuring that end users only have access to data they are allowed to see. 

Enhanced Performance: Exago BI supports the horizontal scaling of remote execution servers, making it possible to process render more reports at once.