Evo~ERP Software

Evo~ERP Software by Evo-ERP, Inc.

EVO~ERP was originally developed by IS Tech Support as an enhancement to DBA Classic, which has been available since 1992 and has thousands of companies using it worldwide. It is now available as a derivative product for companies looking for a complete solution to manage a small or medium sized business without the high cost of a mid-range accounting system. 


  • Evo-ERP was developed from the beginning as an integrated manufacturing and accounting system, not a manufacturing system with some accounting capability patched in as an afterthought. Every time there is an action within the manufacturing side of the system that impacts the cost or account status of inventory (such as a movement from raw materials to work in process), a transaction set (debit & credit) is posted to the GL and a matching inventory transaction is generated. 
  • Inventory transaction activity happens as a result of activity in other modules: Purchase Order Receipts, Material Issues to Work Orders, Work Order Receipts to Stock, Shipments to Customers. All these actions that occur in modules other than the inventory module are what maintain the real time inventory balances and generate inventory transactions. Inventory transactions are generated with a transaction type which identifies their origin and associated subsidiary detail such as Purchase Order number, Work Order Number, Invoice Number. 
  • Materials can be purchased directly to Work Orders or issued from stock. Subassembly components can be manufactured on their own work orders or can be defined as "Phantom" assemblies and all manufacturing activity tracked on a single work order.