everteam.document by Ever Team

Organizations are overloaded with information. At the same time, many find it increasingly difficult to find the information they need. Document management software enables you to easily manage your documents in one place and share them with others improving your ability to be innovative and drive growth.


  • Increase productivity and reduce time to process documents, automating business specific document flows.
  • Provide document routing and enable ad-hoc workflows, and design advanced document centric workflows, with the Web-Based workflow designer.
  • Provide in place lifecycle, document and records management policies, using the Document Profiles feature.
  • Create and maintain multiple enterprise filing plans, using templates, or build dynamic filing plans based on metadata, creating enterprise taxonomies on the fly.
  • Ensure the integrity and traceability of content. 
  • Seamlessly integrate existing enterprise information (i.e. desktop tools, ERP, LDAP server, email) using REST and SOAP based web services.