CA Identity Management

CA Identity Management by Test

The CA Identity Suite delivers a simple business user experience for CA IdentityMinder™ and CA GovernanceMinder™ , helping bridge the divide between current IAM technologies and business users. The CA Identity Suite presents an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, which dramatically simplifies the access request process for business users through an intuitive “Shopping Cart” where users can conveniently select roles and entitlements needed to perform their job duties, view current access privileges, and check the status of previous requests. It includes advanced advice and recommendation tools, such as: Suggested Roles, Compare Users, Favorites, and more and also provides a Business Entitlement Catalog that presents application entitlement data in a format that business users can easily understand.  


  • Self-service identity portal 
  • Intuitive access request shopping cart   
  • Entitlement certification with business friendly entitlements catalog 
  • Proactive identity analytics 
  • User provisioning   
  • Personalized dashboards and reportsKey Benefits 
  • User experience optimized for business users  
  • Manage access and self-service needs anytime, anywhere 
  • Centralizes all enterprise identity data - Increases business user productivity 
  • Reduces identity risks 
  • Increases audit & compliance efficiency