eTime Xpress

eTime Xpress by Celayix, Inc.

Celayix Software provides advanced employee scheduling, employee time and attendance, and employee communication solutions to hundreds of customers across dozens of industries. eTime Xpress is a powerful, yet user friendly advanced scheduling system.  Using eTime Xpress employers have the ability to streamline scheduling processes by creating business rules, communicating and making changes to employee schedules in real-time and proactively planning and managing labor budgets.


  • Decrease the amount of time taken to create schedules by automatically scheduling employees based on seniority, qualifications, lowest cost to your business, or other rules specific to your operations
  • Ensure schedules comply with coverage, skills and other complex contractual requirements
  • Quickly find qualified replacements due to no-show's and sick calls
  • Increase employee communication and accountability by distributing staff schedules through various self service options
  • Save money by proactively managing and avoiding unnecessary overtime with notifications and filters
  • Collect and store more accurate employee data, creating a database of employee skills, qualifications and pay rates all used for advanced staff scheduling
  • Eliminate discrepancies, payroll errors and time theft, match employee time scheduled to employee time worked, by importing data from a variety of time collection clocks
  • Raise attendance visibility through real-time monitoring and reports
  • Ensure labor rules are followed and staff are paid accurately and on time
  • Maximize revenue by ensuring hours worked are quickly and accurately billed back to customers
  • Proactively manage your business by generating and analyzing a myriad of labor reports, understand when and where labor dollars are spent, and make changes accordingly
  • Save administrative time, and eliminate multiple data entry, export payroll and/or billing data to other business software