eTeClinic by TecNex Systems, LLC

eTeClinic is the first all-in-one Healthcare Business Management software. This means Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, and automated business functions such as HR, Payroll, Inventory, Accounting, and more. eTeClinic saves you hours each day by using your EHR/PM/RCM data to complete these important, time consuming tasks, and generates reports you can use to enhance and grow your healthcare institution. TecNex provides everything you need in One Platform, One Company, One Solution.


  • 1st Healthcare Business Management Software
    • Automated Business Functions
      • HR, Clock-In/Out, Payroll, and more.
      • Inventory, Purchases, Low Stock Management, and more.
      • Accounting, Income, Procedure Volume Analysis, and more.
      • Business, Quality Measure, Marketing Trends, Appointment Trends, and more.
      • Patient Data, Pending Claims, Clinical Summary, and more.

  • EHR
    • HIPAA/Meaningful Use Compliant
    • Outstanding e-Prescription database with drug interactions and dosage information
    • One Screen Progress Notes/Medical Charts

  • Practice Management
    • Aids to efficiently manage the practice, integrating front and back office functions and increasing profitability

  • Advanced RCM/Medical Billing
    • Boost collections 10-20% in the first 60 days
    • Reduce past due accounts to 0
    • Claims acceptance rate raised to 99%