ERP Implementation Services

ERP Implementation Services by Trenegy Incorporated

Most companies view strong project management as the key to ERP implementation success. Yet project management alone rarely works. People quickly revert to old habits the minute a project is finished.

Many organizations have technically functional systems, but employees find the new systems and processes challenging. They find ways to work around the new tools and processes. Change management failed, as did the expensive project.

Trenegy’s ERP implementation approach embodies PMI-compliant methods while ensuring change management is considered as a part of each task. Our teams work with clients throughout the ERP Implementation to build demand for change and help ensure the new processes and systems stick.


At the end of implementation, you will have:
  • A project that is completed on time and on budget.
  • A properly configured system.
  • Access to the critical reports you need to run your business.
  • Well-trained employees who consistently use the new ERP system.
  • A clear understanding of next steps.