EpicCare Ambulatory EMR

EpicCare Ambulatory EMR by Epic Systems Corporation

EpicCare combines chart review, order management, and documentation in a fast system that can learn your preferences while you work. It organizes patient information, suggests actions, and guides coordinated care across physical care settings. EpicCare's embedded analytics and population management infrastructure support the transition to value-based care models.


  • Physician personalization can be done on the fly - with minimal training. 
  • "Smart Software" features learn your preferences and suggest corrections. 
  • Intuitive filtering tools simplify longitudinal chart review. 
  • Navigators bundle related functions into common workflows. 
  • NoteWriter quickly captures discrete observations. 
  • Patient-entered data flows directly from MyChart to the EpicCare chart. 
  • Speech recognition captures narrative notes. - Fast system response times for many concurrent users. 
  • Decision support - clinical and financial - links to suggested action. 
  • In Basket automates results review and communication. 
  • Telemedicine options create cost-savings and patient engagement opportunities for accountable care. 
  • Dashboards aggregate quality/outcome metrics alongside productivity and financial metrics.