Entrinsik Informer
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Entrinsik Informer by Entrinsik, Inc.

Informer helps organizations get the most out of their data by providing critical insight into all aspects of business operations. Regardless of job role or technical experience, Informer’s reporting and business intelligence platform ensures your organization has the agility required to react to dynamic business conditions and ever increasing sources of data.


  • Department Managers
    Access LIVE departmental data to analyze and answer key business questions as conditions change

  • Business Analysts
    Easily perform multi-dimensional data analysis to respond more quickly to business demands

  • Database Administrators
    Streamline implementation, deployment and maintenance by leveraging existing infrastructure

  • Business Users
    Customize your own data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboard creation instead of relying on IT

  • Company Executives
    Analyze, monitor key business metrics with real-time reports and dashboards when you need them