Enterprise Output and Content Management Software

Enterprise Output and Content Management Software by Objective

Objective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a proven solution that enables public sector organisations to maximise their information assets, reduce costs and provide a single version of the truth. 


  • Easy to Use
    Objective ECM is a comprehensive suite of modules that connects content to people and the business systems they work with on a daily basis. Designed to maximise user adoption with zero training interface options, Objective ECM delivers a simple, fast and personal experience that can be shared on a vast scale.

  • Trusted by Government
    The core capabilities of electronic document management (EDM), workflow and records management work together and individually in their own right, and also support more specific content-based business applications common to the public sector and regulated industries.

  • Vast Scalability
    A robust single architecture supports enterprise performance, vast scalability and defence-strength security. Objective Foundation manages all content, both electronic and physical; metadata; security access; retention rules and business rules in one place.