Enterprise DoX

Enterprise DoX by SIGNiX, Inc.

Enterprise DoX is a fully-integrated product designed for high-volume customers with repeated transactions executed from systems of record. We use our Web Services API to seamlessly integrate our product with significant over work flows.


    You – not the e-signature vendor, the government or any other outside entity – control where your signed documents reside, and they can be verified anytime, even offline. You have complete, unobstructed ownership, dependent on no one.

    Because they exist independently of the e-signature vendor and are based on international, published standards that will always be discoverable, independent e-Signatures are valid forever – unlike other e-signatures.

    Independent e-Signatures provide immediate and complete access to the evidence supporting their validity. Other e-signature vendors decide what evidence to share, and much of it is hidden. You must simply trust they’ve done the right thing.