IBM Enterprise Content Management Software

IBM Enterprise Content Management Software by IBM

Seventy-three percent of CEOs are making significant investments in their organizations’ ability to draw meaningful customer insights from available data. IBM Enterprise content management provides a way to discover the content, recognize its value, then act on it for better business insight and outcomes.


  • Human resource and employee lifecycle management
    Employee lifecycle management software helps you capture and manage the increasing quantity of documents and communications associated with human resource (HR) management. It can streamline HR processes and reduce costs associated with hiring, maintaining employee records, managing labor relations, publishing policies and procedures, complying with regulations and handling other employee interactions.

  • Intelligent Investigation Managery
    IBM® Case Manager for Investigations leverages the capabilities of IBM case management and analytics for delivering timely and actionable investigative results for any type of environment, including mobile. Ideal for law enforcement, public safety and intelligence scenarios, Case Manager for Investigations is also used to address internal investigations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as risk assessment. With the ability to access to a wide range of information and analytic data, this solution ensures that investigations are completed efficiently and on a timely basis while adhering to corporate policies, regulations and industry standards.

  • Patient Care and Insights
    IBM® Care Management is a packaged software application that delivers key capabilities required to manage care across the care continuum. It can identify clients in need of care, assess their needs, establish the appropriate care plan to support their needs, manage the care and monitor results and outcomes. IBM Care Management combines data integration, analytics and coordination of care capabilities into a single ready-to-use offering that offers a personalized, 360-degree view of the individual to facilitate outcome-focused care.

  • Customer Service
    Customer service supported by enterprise content management (ECM) makes it possible to capture and analyze customer exchanges, including communications, documents and other content, throughout the customer lifecycle. This insight provides an in-depth understanding of customer needs, as well as a complete interaction history, and makes it possible to deliver better customer service at reduced costs.