IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
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IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) by IFS

Asset-intensive industries are facing a number of different challenges. Perhaps one of the biggest is the need to balance plant lifecycle cost with the total productivity of the plant. Finding that perfect balance is what successful asset management is all about—and IFS helps you do just that. IFS Applications facilitates full asset lifecycle management by offering highly usable tools for reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), preventive maintenance, workforce managmenet, capital project management, overall equipment efficiency and mobility. Supporting functionality includes document management, maintenance inventory, contract management, document management, engineering, and even finance. IFS Applications gives you all you need to maximize the productivity of your capital assets. 


  • Delivers true business agility and the flexibility to work the way you want 
  • Lets you capitalize on change, enabling you to move quickly, act globally and benefit from innovative technology 
  • Easily configured to match the specific requirements of our customers. It reduces the need for customization and can easily be modified by those closest to the process 
  • Built on industry standards so customers are not locked into a particular technology - Can easily be implemented, extended and upgraded thanks to its component- based and layered application architecture 
  • Arguably the most user-friendly enterprise software on the market - Brings you closer to your business, giving you unprecedented vision so you can turn opportunities into revenue