ENQUIRER OFFICER® by GlobalVision Systems

ENQUIRER OFFICER® is the most innovative solution to protect financial institutions against unforeseeable risks caused by customers. It empowers financial institutions to automatically conduct Dynamic Enhanced Due DiligenceTM (DEDD) on a 24 x 7 basis so that risk management and regulatory compliance experts of the financial institutions are well informed of possible threats ahead of time. 


  • ENQUIRER OFFICER® automatically scans new customers with all the existing records accumulated within the system so that financial institutions can identify possible threats caused by new customers.  
  • Automatically empowers financial institution to comply with the requirements set by OFAC and other similar international regulatory bodies. 
  • ENQUIRER OFFICER® can be installed as a standalone system. It can also share the same hardware and database with the PATRIOT OFFICER® and the GUARDIAN OFFICER® which are the #1 BSA/AML/ATF/FACTA/UIGEA/ANTI-FRAUD solution endorsed by many famous trade associations.