en.Identity Management

en.Identity Management by EastNets

EastNets provides card issuing and identity management services to businesses and government agencies to ensure secure access to any type of confidential asset anytime, anywhere. EastNets’ secure en.Identity Management solutions include software and hardware for the installation of a complete and highly secured card issuing and verification management system. en.Identity Management integrates seamlessly with multiple data sources and can be used by a variety of businesses. 


  • Eliminates counterfeiting identification documents byimproving security- Provides 24x7 electronic identification and informationassets delivery channel- Enhances and speeds up the process of identification/verification
  • Applies multi-applications in one card using smart contact/contactless chip cards- Microsoft award winning solution- Offers modular and flexible design, which simplifies implementation and integration
  • Provides automated workflow- Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Provides a bilingual solution (interface and printing)
  • Offers management capabilities (actions logging, reporting and monitoring tools)
  • Compatible with the largest number of hardware systems, en.Identity Management helps clients gain increased productivity, growth potential and management efficiency for a variety of business needs including national and residency ID cards, frequent flyer cards, rewards/loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration cards, student identification cards, and library cards.