Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling Software by Program Works, Inc.,

WorkSchedule.Net has the most advanced Automatic Scheduling System on the net. Automatically assign the best employee to each shift or use our Get Best Fit tool to let the system guide you to the perfect employee


  • Keep everyone on the same page
    Keep everyone on the same page with reminder alerts, schedule change alerts and 24/7 access to their schedules. The employee schedule is always accessible to you and your employees, and the employee can always see the latest changes to the schedule. No more confusion or misunderstandings (or excuses for not showing up on time). Everyone knows exactly when they work.

  • On-The-Go Access
    Our mobile app allows on-the-go access to the schedule for employees. You can even call a telephone number and our system will read you your schedule for easy access especially in the car where it isn’t safe to use your smartphone.

  • Ease of use
    Our time block editor is state of the art. It gives you the unrivaled ability to sort three levels deep and use coloring to organize your view makes WorkSchedule.Net the ultimate tool for employee scheduling. You can mass change settings for multiple users and multiple shifts all at once, without having to edit each one individually like other systems make you do.

  • Save time and money
    With our highly advanced, yet simple to use rule-based auto-scheduler, you can optimize your schedule automatically, eliminating waste and saving money. WorkSchedule.Net ensures that employees are only scheduled where they are qualified, when they are available, and within their maximum hours to save on overtime. The best employee for the job can be scheduled automatically based on their rank / seniority or skill level for a particular task. What used to take hours, now takes seconds with the WorkSchedule.Net online employee scheduling software!

  • Accuracy
    WorkSchedule.Net checks as you schedule, making sure you know if you schedule the same employee for two different jobs or locations at the same time, or when an employee is on vacation. The Show Conflicts feature make sure you don’t over-schedule or give someone a task that they aren’t qualified to do.