EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud by EMC Corporation

EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud unites the strengths of private and public cloud in a single, fully interoperable solution. That’s performance, security and control. Choice, agility and efficiency. Until now, companies have struggled to take advantage of what both private and public cloud can offer. But EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution changes everything. 


  • This is the first complete solution to give you all you need to balance the workloads of today. And prepare for the mobile, social and analytics applications of tomorrow. 
  • They give users access to resources built in-house as well as those sourced from external cloud providers, depending on the demands of the application or workload. 
  • With the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Self-Service Portal, you can give your colleagues what they want, when they want it. 
  • EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution’s automated, rules-based system ensures total pricing transparency. 
  • Gives you straightforward management and agile control for IT; rapid provisioning for end users. 
  • With EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, users can select services based on a set of standardized service levels – delivering greater control for IT and a uniform user experience. 
  • Today’s most competitive businesses are driven by mobile, global workforces. For these people, the whole world is their office and they want to be able to use whatever device suits their current situation. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer, EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution lets them do just that.