Elvis DAM

Elvis DAM by CyanGate LLC

CyanGate offers Elvis DAM as a scalable, digital asset management solution with elasticsearch and the ability to handle up to one billion assets.  Elvis DAM enables companies to manage the full life cycle of an asset from creation to archiving.  Elvis DAM is a solution for departments and companies of all sizes. CyanGate sells, supports and provides services for Elvis DAM.


  • Easy, Fast Searching Capabilities Elvis DAM uses familiar search concepts to make navigating and searching easy - for example, browsing a folder structure or using a google-like search phrase. Users can narrow down search results with facets, filters tags, file types, folders and sort the results to quickly find what you need. Elvis DAM renders lightweight previews to help users visually find the most appropriate item - images, videos, audio, PDF’s, office documents and etc. 
  • Centralize and Organize Assets Elvis DAM offers various ways to organize assets. Folders provide a familiar environment - especially for those new to digital asset management (DAM). You can keep your existing folder structure when importing assets from a fileserver, or create your own folder structure.  By importing your current file structure, you can be up and running Elvis DAM quickly. 
  • Collaboration Tools To collaborate, share or review assets users can simply email a link to a collection using the Share Client. The recipient can view the collection in a browser, the desktop client, the web client or in the dedicated Elvis Review App for iPad - all with the exact permissions you have set. 
  • Easy Import Options Elvis DAM provides multiple import options besides manually import one or many files by a simple drag-and-drop. Elvis provides support for hot folders, wire feeds, RSS feeds and archiving from integrated production systems.  Users also can send a Share Link requesting receipts to upload assets.