Elvis DAM

Elvis DAM by WoodWing

Whether you are in marketing, creative design or publishing, the number of heavy files you are working with grows. Videos, designs, PDFs and images are becoming richer and bigger. Elvis uses lightweight, web-ready previews and thumbnails to instantly preview your digital treasures. The powerful search engine returns results in milliseconds and helps you narrow down search results using filters like a tag cloud and keyword facets. 


  • Minimize search times - A single search through all sources and archives
    Without DAM in your organization, your editorial, marketing or creative staff might spend a lot of time each day searching for the right assets. Elvis DAM centralizes purchased material, marketing campaigns, wire feeds and editorial content. With the intuitive Elvis app, your staff can search across all their sources and preview or use assets. Fast and without any training.

  • More efficient production - Direct access to assets from print, digital and web production
    When you are working on a production for web, print or on a digital app, having direct access to assets drastically improves efficiency. Out-of-the-box, Elvis DAM is integrated with multi-channel publishing systems like WoodWing’s Enterprise and editorial management application Content Station. From Web CMS platforms like Drupal and Wordpress, you can access your assets through the integrated Elvis DAM interface.