GE EMR by GE Healthcare

GE EMR provides practice management and electronic medical records handling resources from an established name in technology and innovation. Aspects of GE EMR’s Centricity EMR software portfolio help with revenue cycle management, healthcare cloud computing record administration, and many different aspects of supporting a doctor's office.


  • GE EMR tools are in many ways a standard for ambulatory EMR and enterprise EMR/EHR and practice management solutions. These resources can outfit a small independent doctor's office or a larger physician practice such as a multi-specialty group.
  • A Centricity Practice Solution provides a centralized way to work with and store electronic medical records and maintain a clinical record archive with a focus on retrieval. A set of patient engagement solutions also support empowerment for individual patients, and better patient care outcomes for doctors. Part of the appeal of electronic medical records is portability, and a system such as GE EMR anticipates and fills this need by offering high-design resources for self-service and an intuitive interface for ease of use. All of this adds to what a winning EMR/HER solution offers to a medical provider.