Elastic SSO Team Cloud Identity Provider and Manager

Elastic SSO Team Cloud Identity Provider and Manager by 9STAR

Elastic SSO Team software provides Identity Management and Single Sign-On (SSO) in the Cloud. Customers can purchase this software directly from Amazon AWS Marketplace and host one or more instances in the AWS Cloud in their own AWS account. The software delivers Shibboleth and SAML standards compliant federation single sign-on. It is a flat-fee based solution so that customers can provision unlimited number of users for enabling federated single sign-on access for them to unlimited number of apps.


  • Self-service, self-managed SSO + IdM instance in the Cloud.
  • Customer has full and exclusive control over the instance.
  • Can be hosted anywhere in the world in any of AWS data-centers.
  • Flat-fee based - provision unlimited users and apps.
  • Shibboleth SAML open standards compliant.
  • Supports SAML federations.