Elastic SSO Enterprise Cloud Service

Elastic SSO Enterprise Cloud Service by 9STAR

The Elastic SSO® Enterprise Cloud Service, is an enterprise-grade, high-availability, Shibboleth SAML and CAS standards-compliant, fully-managed, cloud SSO service.

?The cloud SSO service integrates with customer’s existing enterprise Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, CAS, ADFS authentication infrastructure and provides secure federated single sign-on access for their Users to SaaS and on-premises enterprise Apps.


  • Improved Security. No more password leaks. With Elastic SSO, users simply use their existing Enterprise Credentials (AD/LDAP) for accessing all online resources.
  • Compliance. Elastic SSO instances can be in the the cloud in your local region so that local/regional laws apply.
  • Improved Productivity. Elastic SSO reduces the deployment time by nearly 75% compared to alternatives. No equipment or software to purchase or manage. No expertise to hire in your IT department.
  • Scalability. Elastic SSO scales easily with increased load and usage levels.