Élan LMS

Élan LMS by Brainier Solutions Inc.

The Elan Enterprise Learning Platform from Brainier is a completely new, mobile ready, cloud-based learning system that provides customers with an extremely high level of flexibility for the rapidly changing needs of today’s learners.  At its core, Elan is a Learning Management System with all of the expected LMS features built-in and included out-of-the-box.  Developed with customer input and feedback over a 3-year period, standard Elan functionality has evolved through major innovations including: multi-tenancy, virtually unlimited user & group management capabilities, user-friendly company branding options, a highly intuitive social learning structure, a powerful video platform, as well as a suite of robust Content Authoring tools.  Real-time reporting can be done at all times and at all levels of the organization using the powerful reporting and analytics tools within Elan.  With web services via Elan's REST API and support for the latest xAPI and cmi5 standards, Elan is a scalable system with unprecedented flexibility for users and administrators.