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Egnyte by Egnyte

Egnyte provides an On Demand File Server offering online storage, sharing and backup services to businesses.Egnyte provides deployment models to solve any use case including cloud file sharing, private file sharing, cross-office collaboration, and fast local file access. Egnyte has taken the concept of simple cloud file sharing and adapted for the enterprise by securely connecting any device to any storage - local or cloud. Egnyte is the only solution that does not try to break Data Gravity as files can be accessed or shared in-place.


  • Egnyte provides File Sharing for Enterprise.
  • Access and Share files from anywhere, using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Control where files are stored, with the simplicity of the cloud and the speed of local storage.
  • Attain complete security and visibility with centralized administration, audit reporting and user permissioning.
  • Sync with any existing storage system, allowing mobile access beyond the firewall, without the need for VPN or FTP servers.
  • Easily upload & share large files (compression and restart capabilities)
  • Centrally administer and control access for employees & business partners
  • Remote Office File Server- Cut costs by 75%
  • No hardware, VPN needed to connect remote offices
  • Powerful administration and access rules
  • Securely store & share files from a remote office
  • Includes Backup for remote office employees- Sharepoint Alternative for File Collaboration
  • Much easier to use than Sharepoint; no management overhead 
  • No complex installs or templates to customize
  • Easily store & share files across employees and partners
  • Powerful collaboration features like automatic versioning & notifications