eFileCabinet Desktop Professional

eFileCabinet Desktop Professional by eFileCabinet, Inc.

For the very best in document management software and paperless office solutions, the choice is eFileCabinet. With more than fourteen years of experience in offering paperless office software, eFileCabinet is a leading electronic office file management company that specializes in increasing profitability for businesses that spend too much time managing paper in their offices.


  • Cloud View - The benefit of automatic file backup to the Cloud while remaining an on-premise/desktop user.
  • Web Portal Capabilities with SecureDrawer - With a button on the menu bar for SecureDrawer, send documents and files out of eFileCabinet to any customer or partner via a secure web portal.
  • Capture, Manage and Share - eFileCabinet represents a virtual cabinet, with cabinets, drawers, folders and files. With easy scanning, capturing and management of client information, users find the interface simple to use from day one.
  • Active Directory Syncing - Allows you to quickly and easily import users and groups from a Windows domain; provides and verifies user credentials.
  • Simplifile Integration - For those who use Simplifile, this powerful add-on easily transfers documents from eFC to the Simplifile website for review and processing.
  • CSV Export - An easy, user-friendly way to export all of your profile data into one simple-to-access Excel spreadsheet.
  • Third-Party Software Integration - With a robust API for internal integration or for partnerships, eFileCabinet enables organizations to focus on improving office productivity and profits with ease.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Tools - Many industries require proper documentation and security to adhere to their respective regulatory compliance needs.
  • Advanced Workflow Integration - eFileCabinet’s Workflow module enables you to efficiently create a process for individuals and departments to make decisions quickly. Get approvals and decisions without moving out of your chair.
  • eSignature Integration - Just click on the eSignature button on the menu within eFileCabinet to initiate a digital signature request. Not only are signatures easy to request, signed files and documents are then automatically received and filed within the folder you designate.