StoredIQ eDiscovery

StoredIQ eDiscovery by IBM

eDiscovery solutions from IBM® deliver rigorous and efficient electronic discovery processes to meet evolving and complex legal obligations. These products can assess costs and risk more accurately to help organizations make better decisions regarding case strategy. The IBM eDiscovery Solutions family improves alignment among eDiscovery stakeholders and links legal holds to information repositories to streamline legal processes and help reduce litigation costs.


  • Gain more control over discovery costs related to single matters and portfolios.
  • Improve strategy decisions and help resolve matters earlier by using more accurate discovery cost estimates.
  • Track continuous discovery costs for ongoing insights.
  • Improve negotiating power to reduce scope and support optimal settlement decisions.
  • Optimize fiscal period impact for improved planning and fiscal outcomes.
  • Scope and manage custodians and data sources more efficiently and precisely.
  • Streamline and automate hold publication to significantly reduce manual tasks and associated errors.
  • Conduct more effective virtual interviews and automated follow up based on interview results.
  • Control, monitor and manage the discovery process for more accurate, efficient record keeping.
  • Integrate with other Atlas eDiscovery products for more expansive legal discovery functions.
  • Coordinate discovery tasks to manage, find and view collection data more easily.
  • Align IT collection task management to help avoid duplicative efforts between legal and IT.
  • Streamline the collection workflow with better browsing, viewing and logging capabilities.
  • Provide collection templates for data source types to help eliminate manual tasks and improve accuracy.
  • Gain visibility into discovery workloads and assets for better planning and resource allocation.