eCollections by Sentinel Development Solutions

Rebuilt from the ground up, eCollections™ is the most capable, modern, and flexible enterprise debt collection software solution available. Our software manages and optimizes the entire recovery process and can quickly and easily be customized to completely support the way your organization does business. eCollections™ employs leading-edge technologies and unmatched industry experience to provide large operations with a software system that can scale and adapt to any requirement.


  • Better
    Use software that maintains your compliance in every respect. Enforce policies and procedures in a flexible way. Use eCollections Interactive™ to train, maintain, and certify employees. 

  • Faster 
    Recover debt and liquidate portfolios at rates that your competition can't match. Win every challenge. Easily refine your strategies over time. Exploit business intelligence power to get immediate visibility into performance. 

  • Smarter
    Automate anything. Integrate everything. Rapidly customize  at a fraction of the cost. Easily extend your software to support your entire business. Easily create custom interfaces.