EasySoft Legal Billing

EasySoft Legal Billing by EasySoft

With Easy TimeBill attorney billing software, you can:   track time, generate bills and collection letters, track matter appointments, tasks, notes and documents, all in one easy-to-use law firm billing software. 


  • Create an unlimited number of TimeKeepers (billable persons) with up to eight rate levels for each TimeKeeper. 
  • Create matters and set billing types (hourly, flat fee, recurring, etc.) and optional minimum retainer requirement amount. Even for fixed or contingency fee matters, you can track time spent so you can analyze a matter’s profitability.
  • Set local and global TimeKeeper billing rates. Use local rates for tasks such as discounts for a matter, or to carry over a previous year’s rates for established clients. Record billable time and expenses for matters.
  • Create time entries individually or as a weekly timesheet. Easy TimeBill supports UTBMS standardized billing codes.
  • Use an intuitive time clock system that permits work on multiple matters with individually controlled start/stop time clocks.
  • Automatically compute and apply finance charges based on past-due amounts. Many law firms desire to apply finance charges but manual calculations are next to impossible.
  • Easy TimeBill’s finance charge utility makes it automatic and easy, enhancing your profitability. Customize and edit all invoices and letters with a built in editor. Change header/footer, insert logo, text, labels or special messages.
  • Generate invoices with an optional cover letter. Send invoices via email or save as a Word or PDF document. Display past due and retainer balances on cover letters. Automatically update matter’s unbilled and unpaid balances as time/expense cards are billed.
  • Post disbursements from operating accounts directly to a matter as Expense Card for later inclusion in invoices.