Easy Insight
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Easy Insight by Easy Insight LLC

Better conversion rates, more on time projects, happier customers. Easy Insight is the affordable and intuitive solution for extending your favorite SaaS products such as 37Signals Basecamp and Highrise, Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, and many others with robust, visually striking, and fully configurable reports and dashboards. 


  • On Demand and Secure - No time wasted on installation and configuration--simply sign up, connect your systems, and start seeing results right away. Drill into actionable detail reports from your high level executive dashboards. View your reports on your tablet or phone, set up recurring deliveries over email, and embed your dashboards directly into external systems. 
  • Enterprise Grade Functionality - Combine your data sources together to create a single view of the customer spanning sales and marketing through project management and invoicing. Extend your SaaS reporting with on premise data from flat files or relational databases. Finely grained permissions enable you to lock down your data so that your users can only see their particular subset.