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e-School by e-Zone International Pvt. Ltd.

e-School offers you a the single integrated ERP software software with Billing, Accounting, Payroll, Attendance, Examination, Library, Learning Management System and SMS modules in cloud with Mobile App for your School/College.


e-School act as a direct line of communication between teachers, students and parents. This system allow students to communicate directly with the management or teachers regarding homework, notices, and projects. 

Students as well as parents can login with the system. All the information can be gathered and displayed in a single window making the experience much better and streamlined. 

Parents portal enables parents to involve and actively participate in their child’s educational information like attendance record, grades, classroom assignment, calendars, and various reports.

Teacher/staff portal allows access to the school information where teacher/staff have up-to-date information about them and their classes at any time.

School Administrative module allows you carry out all the administrative tasks which consume a lot of time and requires much attention and efforts.

Student Billing Service accelerates the student billing process efficiently reducing the unnecessary operational costs.

Sending SMS/Email alerts is one of the best features of e-School. It empowers Communication with parents, student and employees on a more personal level by sending SMS text right to their mobile phone from the system.

e-School is the complete cloud based solution that lets you efficiently manage your inventory across any sized school/college.

e-School is the complete MIS system integrated with Mobile Application. e-School Mobile App is now available for android version. User can easily download e-School (eschool.ezone.com.np) App from play store.  

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