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Dundas BI by Dundas

Dundas BI is a flexible, browser-based business intelligence and data visualization software that includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools and data analytics, all in one fully embeddable BI platform. With Dundas BI, all common BI needs are under one roof - data connectivity, data preparation, presentation of different views (dashboards, paged reports, scorecards) and self-service data analytics. You can create interactive, customizable dashboards, build your own reports, run ad-hoc queries and analyze and drill-down into your data and performance metrics. Dundas BI lets you connect and integrate with any data source in real-time, on any device. With the touch-based interface and responsive design, you can create and view dashboards and reports on any device from desktop to mobile. Dundas BI easily integrates into your existing systems, administration and applications for real-time access to all your data. 


- Faster time to decisions - Access to real-time information anytime, on any device - Consistent BI experience for any data, on all devices, with access through any standard web browser - Easily scales for various deployment sizes -One solution to deploy, maintain, manage and train on - Easily integrates into your existing systems for a better BI experience with increased user adoption and lower learning curve - Ease of IT administration and management - Increased collaboration - Fully customizable