DRoster Premium

DRoster Premium by Kappix

DRoster Premium Edition Scheduling Software is for organizations and businesses that need to schedule unlimited shifts, positions, duties and employees. You get a 45 uses fully functional trial period - that's much longer than 45 days! The Premium download is completely free: you don't have to give us your name or credit card details at all, no risk, no obligation. And you get free support too. You can download DRoster Scheduling Software for a network installation as well.


  • Save valuable time with DRoster Employee Scheduling Software- DRoster is an Easy Scheduling Software
  • Get a scheduler that flexes to YOUR scheduling needs- know your staff's availability, always in complete control
  • Get tighter collaboration with your staff- get no-conflict error-free scheduling
  • NO More costly OVERTIME with the Improved Validation System
  • Get reporting capabilities like no other scheduling software gives you