DotcomWeavers by DotcomWeavers

We deploy the right solutions for your business by offering the best in class eCommerce, web design, development, web application and integration services. Whether you are a small business trying to build an online presence or an established site looking for significant improvements - we're the PARTNER for your success.


    We sit down with you to fully understand your objectives, and prepare a detailed written plan that defines the business requirements and scope of the project. The plan identifies resources and establishes a firm time line.

    We segment the project into manageable chunks and establish measurements for each milestone. This keeps your project on track and allows us to immediately address troublesome issues that could cause delays.

    We get to work following your sign off on the plan, maintaining communications with you throughout the project and moving forward according to the plan’s terms and outlined time-frame.

    We ensure that our plans are thorough and incorporate the right resources to deliver the most customizable solution for you on time and on budget.

    We honor the schedule outlined in the plan. This allows us to monitor progress and detect, isolate and resolve problems before they become major obstacles. This keeps your project on track to completion.